Home Modifications and Safety

Continuing to live at home can become a challenge with age, however it is an important goal for many individuals. Living in a home that is comfortable and full of memories impacts of quality of life. Homes can become a source of safety hazards with changes in physical and cognitive abilities that occur with age. I can help you or your loved ones stay at home more safely and with ease.

Home Modification and Safety Assessments

I come to your home to complete a home safety assessment and provide individualized recommendations for modifications, activity changes, and equipment. The goal being to improve safety and to ease daily activities to promote quality of life. I provide a one time assessment or support throughout the entire modification process, as required.
This service is aimed at individuals living independently or semi-independently with physical health problems (e.g. arthritis) or cognitive health problems (e.g. dementia).
I also complete assessments for the Residential Access Modification Program (RAMP).

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Strategies for Caregivers

Living with a loved one who is dealing with dementia or another age-related health problem can be challenging. Through an in home session I complete a holistic evaluation of your loved one and provide simple strategies and recommendations. These may include: recommendations for equipment, changes to the home environment, routine alterations, strategies to manage difficult behaviours, and recommendations to avoid caregiver burnout. I provide follow up sessions for support as needed.

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With a strong background in universal design and accessibility, I offer consultations to home owners or business owners looking to create a more accessible space. If you are planning for the future and want to ensure that your home is accessible as you age, I can provide recommendations that you can implement at your own pace.

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