Additional Services


Ergonomic assessments involve analyzing your work station and recommending changes to make it better suit your body and needs. I perform ergonomic assessments for offices and home offices, with the aim of preventing and reducing pain and injury caused by improper workplace set ups.

Neat Computer Desk
Balancing Beam

Post-Concussion Symptom Management

The focus is on alleviating symptoms that are barriers to your full participation in activities. Therapy available for symptoms such as light and noise sensitivity, balance problems, screen sensitivity, tinnitus, and cognitive difficulties. I also assist with post-concussion return to work planning.

Chronic Pain Self-Management

Learn strategies to manage your symptoms and improve your quality of life. Therapy will focus on your individual goals and apply concepts such as motor imagery, mirror therapy, pacing, gradual activity increase, meditation, sleep hygiene, and activity modification.

Image by Andrew Tanglao